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50 Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Are you experiencing some woo-woo and weirdness and wondering what the heck is happening to you? I’m asking because I’ve been there too with these 50 symptoms of spiritual awakening and wish to lend a hand of support if you need someone who has been through it and stayed sane to give some guidance. In…

Alexa and Google home assistants – playthings for Spirit?

I’m getting  a LOT of messages about weird behaviour from the latest home assistant gadgets, even waking people at night. I don’t have one because I felt this might happen, but my phone does have Google assistant and it will wake up randomly and tell me it didn’t hear me properly. When it is silence…

Equinox Blessings!

Whether you are in the Northern (Spring) or Southern (Autumn) seasonal hemisphere, tomorrow marks the equinox – where light and dark are in perfect standstill balance. Here in the north we observe and celebrate the sacred day of Ostara – sounds a bit like “Easter”, right?

Solar Storm In Progress – Mind Fog but oooh look at the pretty… 🙂

  So, we are in the midst of the arrival of a big old solar emission – super charged particles hitting the planet in the form of a “solar wind” which, could be why I have major brain fog and Mr F and I attempting to have deep and meaningful discussions about the universe last…

Yes we CAN blame it on the sunshine… (and a few other things)

Feeling super anxious, emotionally sensitive or just plain grrrrrr? Been feeling a bit woolly headed brain foggy this past week or so?  Other people and electronic gadgets been refusing to co-operate ? People being a-holes for no good reason? We have had a right old combo of energies… from the Earth’s magnetic field spiking to higher…

New Service! 1-2-1 Tuition – Amplify Your Psychic Ability

1-2-1 Tuition – Amplify Your Psychic Ability

Today – Full Super Blue Moon, a Lunar Eclipse AND its a Wishing Moon!

Today we will be experiencing a Full Super Blue Moon, a Lunar Eclipse AND its a Wishing Moon! (phew!) Earlier this month we experienced a supermoon on New Year’s Day. A supermoon is so called as it appears around 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. In 2018, there are two Full Moons in both January…

Black Forest Thick Smoothie

Black Forest Thick Shake Dairy Free Healthy Smoothie Full of nutritious super foods! Take care of your immune system, joints, skin, hair and digestive health with no taste sacrifices. Really doesn’t taste like health food! Ingredients: 3 tbspn rolled oats 1 dessert spoon cacao powder 1tbspn cashews 2 tbspn mixed seeds (Sunflower, chia, pumpkin, linseed)…

Guides -18th December – New Moon in Sagittarius

Guides had a lot to say in my morning meditation! Mercury retro has been its usual mixed bag – giving a unique perspective (not just messing up comms and technology!) urging us to go within. But combined with the Sagittarius new moon – a really hopeful high and pure vibrational energy is surging forward after…

Welcome to a place where your spiritual evolution is my mission.

I went from being a total sceptic 27 years ago about all things spiritual, through an unwanted psychic awakening, to embracing my experiences. I turned my experiences into purpose and became who I am today - spiritual mentor, energy healer, teacher, coach and therapist. I love using my spiritual skill set to help others.

I can and will help you to evolve into who you are meant to be, holding space for you, providing the coping and learning tools, therapies, courses, mentoring and guidance you need in your own unique development.

Welcome to your spiritual evolution!