Is this you?

    • Recent traumatic experiences
    • Problematic relationships
    • Psychic attack aimed at you
    • Flat and unable to move forwards from recent negative events
    • Depressed
    • Home feels oppressive or just off/ wrong somehow,
    • Too much chaos happening all around you, none of it of your making
    • Other people making life difficult
    • Attracting takers or users
    • Empath overload especially in public spaces or groups of people
    • Work colleagues or family, friends rude or uncooperative
    • Usually kind people being unkind.

      For years now I have been listening to my clients and putting together individually tailored healing therapy and energy work empowerment packages to address the impacts of all these things and more.

      I created Clean Slate to address the increasing need in today’s world to banish what negatively influences us and reclaim our power to rise above, come what may, and keep chaos at bay.

      With my help you could feel stronger, fearless and empowered again.
      Free of what has been holding you back until now.
      Maybe feeling free of negative influence for the first time ever for some of you?

      I will help you with powerful energy and healing works to take back control of your life, take back your power wherever you need to, and start as you mean to go on from here.


Move past hurts, blast away negative influences currently impacting you – have an environmental clean slate inside and out.

Part of this processing may include some intense emotions and thought processes as your energy clears. It can bring up past events you may feel you already dealt with if more healing is needed so please be prepared!

I will distantly provide the energetic work you need to get your clean slate, wherever you are in the world I can help you.



I will distantly:

  • Cleanse, bless and seal your home to remove all sources and effects of past and present negative layers of energy/attack
  • Cleanse and rebalance your chakras
  • Soothe you with blissful healing for emotional and mental healing
  • Energise and strengthen you with Reiki for physical and spiritual well-being and clarity of mind
  • Attune and empower you with the Chaos Flush method of restoring calm and repelling chaos in future.
  • Help you to cut cords with those you wish to leave behind.

I can begin all of this positive change for you at the appointed time you choose on my booking system – Tuesdays and Wednesdays I can do the work overnight while you sleep if you prefer…

If you were to book each service individually it would cost £155 – you pay £130 – you save £25  – and have the services completed quickly.

No time like the present!

book yourself in