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  1. Thank u! There is a coworker of mine that talks about her ability to read aura. I told her I can feel it and control my own but I can’t see them. When I told her about times I feel my aura shrink….she said aura does not grow or shrink…. and I felt mine shrink more. All day I felt as if I was in a train with 1000 ppl when it was just me and her. Now I can affirm my feelings and say that is my aura and not just pure emotion!! Thank you!

  2. Hi, I am looking to open up to the spirit world and my psychic ability although I am a little worried to do so. I would appreciate some advice if possible please. Thank you.

  3. Hi I’m looking for a local mini retreat , but I can’t find how far away you are to me.

  4. I would love to share with you ALL that has come against and for the length of Time…with no relief on many many levels. Trust is everything with me…Please contact me so I can share and then ask what you think.
    Thank you!

  5. Thank You for the Great Information.
    Your site Is Difficult to read on a mobile devise. Please consider darkening your word color choice.
    Blessings & Light

  6. I have done all this. I was a letter carrier for over a decade. These two people from my mail route will NOT leave me alone. Both are wanting desperately to be in my world. Both are in and out of prison non stop, crystal meth addicts, practice black magic, prostitute themselves for drugs..the female has actually used my name to do her prostitution..love spells have been done on me…non stop telepathy..I am not mental..they both will NOT LEAVE ME ALONE PSYCHIC ..I need help to sever the telepathic communication lines…ASAP
    CRYSTAL MCKAY & CHRIS PARK are there names…the black magic …it needs to end
    I want nothing to do with these criminals

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  8. Allo ? C’est toi Kevin ?… Bonjour, je t’appelle pour te signaler que ton papa et ta maman étaient absents hier au bureau de vote… Attention, à la prochaine absence on les convoque au bureau du di€ârteuatc¦ Merci Kevin, Adieu Kevin…

  9. anons,You all know to whom I speak.White folk are morons, because they are on crystal meth and marry their 1st cousins; what else can we expect, that's white cuuBlre.tlow yourself up.

  10. he was in plane that crashed into towers.well those who do go for the theory of retciiarna-non it certainly would take a long in between period to get another body. not just a few years.i used to go for reincarnation when i believed in a personal soul.now to me it appears that there is one appearing as all.only an appearance , no substance as such.who is to re-incarnate?

  11. / Eu creio plenamente no fim do mundo, ele tem que acabar nn é mesmo!! Imaginem se ele n acabar nunca ?? Papai Noél me disse que esse Natal eele nn vem ! POR QUE SERÁ??? ou é muita cocidiiencna ou o mundo vai acabar mesmo!! EU QUERO MEU PRESENTE DE NATAAAAL )):

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  13. bueno en mi caso yo soy muy timido y me gusta una mujer de mi trabajo pero soy tan timido q no puedo ni de sirle ni una palabra como la ago para tejar de ser timidopofa necesito ayudasos

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  15. Non mi piacciono troppo le corde, specialmente se attorcigliate intorno ad un essere vivente, salvo rare eccezioni…Però devo dire che i tuoi post su questo personaggio mi incuriosiscono tanto… Mi è sempre più simpatica questa strampalata eroina 🙂

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