Distant or In Person Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni Treatment Sessions 

1 Healing Session                                            £   30.00 GBP

4 Sessions Block Discounted Rate       £108.00 GBP

8 Sessions Block Discounted Rate        £216.00 GBP

Rahanni Practitioner Courses 

Level 1 Course & Attunement                 £120.00 GBP

    Level 2  Course & Attunement               £200.00 GBP     


‘Rahanni’ means, ‘of one heart’.

There is no separation, we are all from one divine energy source in the essence of truth, love and compassion.

Rahanni is a beautifully warm and gentle celestial angelic healing vibration which helps us on many levels:

  • to calm and soothe the mind
  • to rest well
  • to communicate on  every level far more easily
  • to balance out our emotional state
  • to balance the masculine and feminine aspect within each of us
  • to release our fears, sadness and any negative energy that we accumulate from our experiences here in the physical world
  • to raise our vibrational energies more easily

The origins of Rahanni are ancient and draw upon the assistance of the angelic realms, goddess Kwan Yin and ascended masters.

How To Book:

1. Click on the Book Now button below and select the treatment option or course you require from the list. You will be directed to my online calendar to book your treatment/attunement appointment which is also confirmed by email.

2. You will then be directed to make your payment via a debit or credit card via PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to do so.

Please note, payment is required at the time of booking. The system will automatically cancel any appointment received without accompanying payment.

3. I will contact you via email with directions and/or contact numbers/ course manual as appropriate.