.. is the ability to hear things not audible within normal hearing ranges, to hear words or sounds spoken by Spirit. This can be “heard” in one of two ways; as a voice heard externally to the medium, or as a voice heard within.

You can actually hear spirits talking ..yet there is no actual sound being heard with the ear.

No, its not time for the funny farm !

Many of us receive messages this way from spirit guides, or loved ones, often on the edges of sleep. A loved one will often send a message to tell us “I arrived safely”.

When the information comes through, there may be bodily sensation (clairsentience) accompanying it.

Listening to spirit and discerning it from your own “inner voice” comes with practice. Often a vocal thought placed in the mind by spirit is identifiable as such purely because it is something you know your inner voice would never say.

Learning to identify a spirit voice from your own inner dialogue is the same as learning to listen to different people.

You will be able to tell the different energies apart with practice.

Also, sounds from the residual energy of a place can be perceived clairaudeintly, I’ve heard explosions at a former WW2 airfield, at other haunted locations I’ve heard gun shots, and animal sounds that other team members couldn’t hear!