Of all the symbols and tools used in witchcraft, this is probably the most misunderstood.

It is generally accepted that the pentacle, is represented with the single point of the star pointing up, however, I am reliably informed that the inverted (two points up) pentacle is NOT to be confused with dark practices, as we have been led to believe.

The inverted pentacle is a sign of inner workings to better the world, rather then the single point up, which means working from the outside in.

The pentacle is usually a flat piece of metal or wood inscribed with a pentagram, a five-pointed star.

The pentacle came from ceremonial magic and has been used in ritual and magick for thousands of years. It is used to represent feminine energy – the sacred feminine – and to consecrate objects such as amulets and charms. The pentacle is also a traditional symbol of protection and is one of the official symbols of a witch.

The pentacle is the tool of the North and is associated with Earth.

The pentacle is feminine in nature and represents the Goddess.

If you feel uncomfortable with using a pentacle because of the misconceptions others may have, use a stone instead. Only you need know what meaning it really has.