First of all it is a way of life with three principals. Life, Love, and Divination.

To work with magick is to better oneself, others, and the earth. It is a way of life which came about many thousands of years ago, thousands of years before Christianity.

Witchcraft is no carved in stone religion. It is not a hierarchy, there are no bibles, no “Ten Commandments” in which you will be damned to “Hell” if you don’t live a certain way. It is a way of existence that can be interpreted by the practitioner according to their personal beliefs.

No witch holds the same exact beliefs as another. It is a personal thing. However there are some constants that remain the same from witch to witch.

Witches all know and live with the God and the Goddess. They are both entities of the great All. Each Witch carries a part of the God and Goddess within them. Do not bow down to the God, or the Goddess, do not grovel at Their feet. Respect them, work with them, live with them.

They are just as we are – a part of the great All, or Great Spirit. Everyone within the great All is equal. However, to each of us the God and Goddess may be perceived differently ….
….. The God is the male entity, the Skyfather, representative of the Sun. The one who brings warmth and new life from under our feet in the Spring. He is the tender to all the animals, hence the horns upon his head (which gives Christians the awful idea he is Satan).

He goes by many names, Pan, Baphomet,Kernunnos, Osiris, Apollo to name a few. He is gentle and yet strong. He is many many things, but He is definitely not evil.
…..The Goddess is the universal mother. She is representative of the moon, fertility, the earth, wisdom, love.

Life is Her gift, in which she lends with the promise of death. For all things must die at some time.

Death as the rest of this site explains, is not the end, it is transformation, part of the cycle of existence and what transports us from the turmoil of physical existence.

She is all nature, everything from a single rain drop to a tornado.

She is to some, Diana, Lucina, Selena, to name a few. Love and beauty are about her, all Witches love Her as their own mother. Mother Earth.
…..They do not rule, but they do oversee, they are present – it is all according to your beliefs. They work together, forming a whole.

These explanations are not complete, for there are so many different views and beliefs, I could be here forever trying to explain them!

It’s what’s within a Witches heart that is the true explanation of the Deities. We reflect them with our daily intent and deed.
Witchcraft is centred around magick. Now I am not entirely all-knowledgable about witchcraft, but what I have learned has come from many sources over the years.

If you are interested and looking for more in depth material then I would highly suggest you pick up some books and start reading.
You can probably find plenty in a good bookshop with a New Age or Metaphysical section.

Or you can check out my links page for some informative sites.